Maternity Reflexology

This is a specialised therapy which I use to care for the mum to be throughout her pregnancy. I find that it deeply relaxes her, helping to ease many of the discomforts during pregnancy.

Enhancing Fertility

Having a baby should be one of the most natural things in the world but 1 in 6 couples experience problems. There are many, diet, stress, these can all play havoc. BUT many couples claim that reflexology has helped them to conceive.

Research carried out by a reflexologist showed results where 13 out of 23 women became pregnant, many of them having no more than ten treatments. There are also many individual cases where women are certain that their pregnancies are due to reflexology treatments but doctors insist that nothing can prove this.

The women who have become pregnant said that reflexology was amazing, relaxing, that it made them feel happier, more positive and they were sure that it worked for them.